What Is The Japanese Secret To Living Longer?



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According to reports by the U.N., the people of Japan ingest around 100,000 seaweed tons on a yearly basis. Even more astounding is the fact that they use more than 20 different types of seaweed species in their cuisine. In addition, Okinawa residents, who live on the island in the southwest part of the country, eat more seaweed than any other Japanese location, which is fascinating since there are more centenarians that live there than anywhere else in the entire world. Seaweed contains 2-9 protein grams per cup and some types even have more potassium than a banana. Since seaweed has iodine, it is also helpful to regulate the thyroid gland. Moreover, it is believed by Harvard researchers that the ability of seaweed to control estriadol and estrogen levels could explain why the island has such lower rates of breast cancer. If you happen to be a person who really does not care for the taste of seaweed, then you can opt for some seaweed pasta. It is important to keep in mind that since seaweed is power packed with nutrients, you might want to limit your intake on certain types to two tablespoons weekly.

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