10 Surprising Recipes to Cure a Hangover

#9 Tomato Juice

Fresh Tomato Juice Cocktail & Virgin Bloody Mary Recipes. Photo: mycookingrecipes.com


Tomato juice is one of the best hangover cures on the planet. Full stop. But it gets better when you add some secret ingredients. If you’re into the "hair of the dog” as a cure – essentially consuming what gave you the hangover in the first place, the day after – make yourself a Blood Mary, with vodka and the usual bits and pieces. The addition of a good shake of Tabasco also helps. Alternatively mix three tablespoons of grape vinegar and some lemon juice to your tomato juice with salt and pepper. Better still, slice some onion and celery and chuck the whole lot into a blender with the tomato juice mixture. It’ll be thick, but you’ll feel better quite quickly.