The 8 Dirtiest Daily Objects That Have Dangerous Bacteria

Bacteria are part of living organism that exists. There are good bacteria and dangerous bacteria that cause illness. This dangerous bacteria looms everywhere even on surfaces that one cannot imagine they would. They exist on objects that are used on a daily basis with some of them having more bacteria than a toilet seat. This means that people should be careful when using objects to ensure that they clean them often to reduce the amount of bacteria on them. Some of the bacteria include Ecoli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus.

A majority of people have #7…gross

1. Ring

Ring – Steven Depolo


A ring harbors more germs underneath it than anyone can imagine. This is because it is always fixed in one place no matter what the wearer touches. One washes dirt, goes to the washroom, touches dirty clothes and even eats when the ring is still on.
The germs find a warm place to hide on the underside. To prevent the germs and bacteria, the ring should be removed and the area cleaned often.