10 Insanely Helpful Workout Tips For Beginners

10. Create Environment and Schedule


Before you begin the program, get ready. If you are doing your workout at home to a DVD, create an environment that is conducive to working out, one that gets you mentally in the frame of mind to exercise. That means you put on the answering machine — or at least don’t answer the phone during your workout. It also means you dress to work out. Wear clothes that are comfortable, loose fitting, and that allow your body to breathe, and don’t forgo the sneakers just because you are inside.

You also may want to set up a workout schedule that works with your schedule and block off that time of day for your exercise. If you don’t have a set time, you may find that you keep postponing getting to the gym or popping in the exercise DVD, and end up spending more time on the couch.

Working out with a friend is another great way to begin (and stick to) a program only if you are strong enough to work out on your own if your friend doesn’t show up, skips workouts, or simply quits on you. When you know that someone else is relying on you for workouts, your sense of responsibility goes way up and you are more apt to show up
for a workout. You don’t want to let a friend down right?