The Best Cross Training Shoes for Women With Knee Problems

Cross training simply refers to participation in a variety of workouts or training regimens in addition to your specialty. Cross-training shoes, then, must provide support during activities such as jogging, bicycling, weightlifting and sprinting. If you have knee or other joint problems, be careful to choose shoes that can properly protect and support you. Check with your doctor or therapist to confirm that your shoe selection is sufficient for your needs.


Wearing the wrong shoes can cause or aggravate knee problems. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)


More than anything else, cross-training shoes need to provide support and cushion for your body. If you have knee problems, seek help from a specialist to determine if you supinate, which is leaning out with the foot, or pronate, which is rolling the foot inward. Finding this out will help you determine how much and what type of arch support you need for your cross-training shoes.

Women's New Balance 1225

The women's New Balance 1225 cross training shoe is ideal for women of average weight. The arch support and extra cushion can be particularly beneficial for women who over pronate. They are lightweight and perfect for dancing or aerobics classes, as well as for more intense, high-impact exercises.

Orthaheel Women's Action X-Trainer

If you tend to have severe knee pain, choose a cross-training shoe geared specifically to support the impacted joints. Orthaheel shoes were invented by a podiatrist. The Orthaheel Women's Action X-Trainer can provide impressive support during a wide range of workout types.


A lot of knee pain in women is caused or aggravated by the constant shock of intense movements. Wearing the ASICS GEL-Fluent TR 2 means that each step is cushioned with a scientifically formulated gel that absorbs much of this shock, helping relieve knee pain.

Nike Women's Free Trainer 7.0.IV

The Nike Women's Free Trainer 7.0.IV is primarily designed for women who routinely do cross training that is lower impact or involves lots of lateral movements. It is an extremely lightweight shoe that provides enough support for problematic knees without slowing you down.

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