7 Natural ways to stop hair loss

Let’s face it, no man wants to lose his hair but it will inevitably happen to most of us. While not all of us will become bald, the aging process makes hair lose its thickness and receding hair lines begin to show. Once upon a time we thought there was nothing we could do to stop this but now we know different. Take a look at our top 7 natural ways to stop hair loss and keep your locks looking young fresh and existent!

1. Onion juice


Onions – Ilovebutter


Onions may make people cry but they can bring out tears of joy for those of you losing hair. The journal of Dermatology published a small study on 23 people. They all applied onion juice to their heads twice a day and within 6 weeks 20 of those people saw improved hair regrowth. Apparently this could be due to the flavonoids in onion juice having anti-inflammatory qualities.

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