15 Bad Calories that Will Destroy Your Health

14. Wheat Bread


Common wheat bread is one of the worst Bad Calories. French bread can have twice the fat-forming capacity of sugar. Yet, what is immediately brought to the table when we dine out?
A basket of bread. And what do we do? We eat it. By the time our meal arrives, the bread has already raised our blood sugar and insulin, diverting all other food, even Good Calories, into the synthesis of fat. Our appetite also increases. Eliminating bread before meals seems to be one of the easiest paths to quick weight loss.

It does not matter whether it is white-wheat or dark-wheat bread. It is the refining process that makes wheat so fattening. Even whole-wheat flour and health-food wheat breads are Bad Calories if they are finely ground or do not contain the majority of their weight in whole kernels.

If a bread dissolves in your mouth, then it is certainly a Bad Calorie. Oat bread and most barley breads should also be avoided.

One more caution; many bakeries proclaim that their goods are diet products solely because the items are low in fat. Don’t be fooled; these baked goods are not acceptable on the Good Calorie Diet. Lowering their fat content does not lower the potential of these products to raise blood sugar; in fact, it can raise their glycaemic index.